Facilities & Equipment

Facilities and Equipment

PIONEER is based in Logan, Utah, about 75 miles from Salt Lake City. We also have an established office in Jackson, Wyoming. We have all of the equipment needed to mount field operations in different ecological zones, including several four-wheel-drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, boats and motors, electro-fishing equipment, and several aircraft available for unrestricted use. Dr. Hugie is an experienced pilot with several thousand hours logged on biological surveys and other technical and logistical support activities for numerous projects.

We have a Juniper Archer 2 Global Positioning System (GPS) and state-of-the-art Garmin GPS units.  With our present software/hardware using one unit as a base station and in real time, we can map wetland delineations, habitat units, pipeline routes, sample points, and other features with sub-meter accuracy.  The data obtained are completely compatible with our CAD and GIS systems. 

Our advanced technology permits comprehensive in-house data analysis and desktop publishing.  We use state-of-the-art hardware to run a variety of word processing, data analysis and retrieval, AutoCAD design, ArcView, graphics, mapping, and accounting programs.  The latest Habitat Evaluation Procedure software permits us to conduct this sophisticated analysis.

Our location in Logan is near Utah State University which affords us ready access to the Merrill Library, the Quinney Natural Resources Library, the Remote Sensing-GIS Laboratory, the Intermountain Herbarium, and the Federal Documents Repository for the Intermountain Region, the Utah Water Research Lab, and other university facilities.  We have similar contacts at the University of Wyoming with access to natural resource management expertise.

We also have access to the instruments necessary to conduct surveys for night lighting, in-stream flow, and other specialized procedures.