Pioneer approaches each project in a unique way, in that the needs, concerns, and interests of the client are given first consideration.  Once it is clear what services and products are required for the client and their particular project, a plan is developed that uses the core staff and specialists required to best complete the project on schedule and within the agreed to budget.  The core staff used for each particular project varies.  Pioneer is associated with a large group of specialists and experts who can be assigned or incorporated into a team for a given project, large or small.

Roy D. Hugie, PhD, Company Founder, Project Manager, Biological Resource and Environmental Analyst: 

Dr. Hugie is known as an organizer, a problem solver, and a "bridge builder" who effectively links project proponents with management and regulatory agencies. His background is rural, and his over 30 years in the field of natural resource management include ten years as senior biologist for a state wildlife agency, five years as wildlife section manager for a large environmental consulting firm, and over eighteen years as PIONEER's head. He has mastered the conceptual and practical intricacies of environmental policy, legislation, and process and applied his skills to support projects of many types, in a range of different ecosystems, and under the purview of most pertinent governmental agencies. Dr. Hugie has successfully guided complex public involvement processes that have involved over 1,500 participants for individual NEPA projects.

Jeffrey S. Jensen, BS, Project Coordinator, Geographer, Wetland Specialist:
Jeff is a skilled geographer with over 22 years of experience in environmental cartography and civil engineering utilizing Autodesk AutoCAD and ESRI ArcGIS software.  At PIONEER, Jeff specializes in physical geography, geographic field methods, computer cartography, GIS and GPS technology, graphics, and remote sensing.  Along with his cartographic experience, Jeff has worked actively on environmental site assessments, wetland delineations, wetland mitigation, Army Corps of Engineers wetland permit processes, and reclamation planning and implementation. Projects include, Spanish Peaks Resort (Big Sky, Montana),Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort (Utah), Loon Mountain Ski Area (New Hampshire), Sugarbush Ski Area (Vermont), Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (Wyoming), JY Ranch - LSR Preserve (GTNP,Wyoming), Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse Survey–Halligan Reservoir. (Colorado), South Fork Lodge (Idaho).

Anna DiSanto, Wetland Specialist:
Anna joined Pioneer in 2014 as a wetland scientist and has worked on several wetland mitigation projects throughout Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana. Anna has also Anna holds a bachelor’s degree from Saint Michael’s College in Biology, and is currently getting her Masters of Natural Resources from Utah State University. 

Heidi Clark Bellorado, MS, Environmental Analyst:
Heidi's has academic and professional experiences in wetland science, plant ecology, environmental regulations, project management, impact assessment, and GIS mapping. Her work experience in conservation driven non-profits in the Bahamas, coastal Maine, Jackson Hole, WY, and Bozeman, MT combined with her M.S. in Land Resources and Environmental Science has provided her with a solid background in ecology, wetland restoration, and project management. At Pioneer, Heidi specializes in wetland delineations, wetland mitigation, GIS and GPS technology, and project monitoring.

Sub Consultants

In addition to PIONEER's current staff, PIONEER has an extensive network of firms and consults with whom we regularly hire as sub consultants. These liaisons allow PIONEER to function cost-effectively and efficiently, maintaining a quorum of highly qualified individuals while still maintaining the ability to mobilize specialized staff when required. A few of the contractors with whom we regularly consult include the following:

  • Amy Kuszak, DBA
  • Ayres Associates
  • Delmatier Inc.
  • Gage Davis Associates
  • Stantec Engineering
  • Tetra Tech
  • Utah State University (various professional staff)
  • USU Archaeological Services, Inc.
  • University of Wyoming (various professional staff)

PIONEER is happy to supply the credentials and qualifications of these firms upon request.