Pioneer Environmental Services, Inc. (Pioneer) is a Logan, Utah and Jackson, Wyoming based corporation established in 1989 and 2000, respectively.  Pioneer is committed to providing quality consulting services in the areas of environmental compliance, impact assessment and mitigation, biological investigation, and natural resource management planning. We maintain a core staff of professionals with access to an established network of collaborating firms and individuals with expertise in a wide range of topical disciplines and ecological zones, including wetland mitigation and delineation. This arrangement permits us to provide clients with state-of-the-art support in the most cost-effective manner. Our extensive inventory of facilities and equipment allows us to work quickly and efficiently. The high standard of our work has earned the esteem of both our established clientele and governmental management and regulatory agencies.

In our over twenty-year history, Pioneer has provided these consulting services to more than 350 projects, primarily in the West, Northeast, and Alaska. The projects have included ski and golf area development and/or expansion; residential and commercial development; biological management planning; pipeline, road, and utility line construction; water development; listing packages and monitoring for threatened and endangered species; industrial development; and establishment/expansion of military operations areas and reclamation activities.

Pioneer’s staff has expanded its capabilities to include range, ranch and livestock management, environmental planning, aquatic biology, watershed hydrology, and environmental restoration. These additions have also broadened its cumulative experience and expertise to include socioeconomics and the international sphere.

The network of firms with which we regularly collaborate add expertise in specialized biological fields, environmental law, environmental engineering, air quality and management, water quality and hydrology, transportation engineering, noise assessment and management, archaeology and cultural resources, environmental compliance inspection, and hazardous materials management to our in-house capabilities. Our working relationships with these firms are well established, efficient, and cost effective.Type your paragraph here.


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